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About Us

Clover Learning Centre is an education centre providing various learning programs for children. It began as a Montessori Centre in Johor Bahru, providing Montessori Centre International (London) curriculum (from 2.5 to 6 years old). As the founder of the centre believes in a whole-child education, many programs that complement the Montessori curriculums have been added to the centre within the first few years of operation. 


MissionProvide a whole-child education in terms of child development in the areas of intellectual, physical, language, social and emotional through concept building, hands-on work, musical involvement, art with imagination and drama.


Vision: To help build a better society through educating and developing children to be useful members of the society. 



Why are we different from other schools?


It is because we truly advocate the Montessori philosophy, teaching the children to learn-by-doing, cultivating a love for learning through senses. This helps the children to build up a strong foundation in all subject areas.


Be it Montessori, Clover Leaders Club, Kindermusik,《我绘作书》, or Coding program, our educators are experienced and passionate in teaching. Our programs are led by educators with vast knowledge in their teaching areas and loving hearts to always find ways to help children develop / achieve in their own unique ways. This strong background in Education and passion has made us stand out among all.


All these make us a special and unique learning centre for your special little ones.

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