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Cambridge English (Children & Adults)

Join our English Language Classes for children and adults! 
Our highly qualified trainers are native speakers of the English language, ESL trainers and have over 15 years of teaching experience! 

Readonics - This class assists with all the pre-reading skills

of sound construction, understanding and practice pronunciation.

Students also spend time on drama, learning self-expression and fluency. 

Primary Writing & Grammar - We offer this class to assist students learning to develop their early writing skills. The class includes picture interpretation, creative descriptions, reading comprehension and story planning. 

World Explorer – In this class students learn about countries and their culture as well as explore the world through learning about history as well as the geography of continents. Through fun activities and games, students gain a better understanding of today’s people. 

Senior Writing & Grammar – This class is specifically for Upper Intermediate students. The class studies detailed grammar as well as advanced essay writing strategies. Building confidence in formal speaking is also part of the curriculum. 

Teachers Training – Teachers are to learn to write student reports and communications and even have role-play on parents-teacher meetings. Teachers also brush up their grammar skill in the class. 

Business English – This course can be personalized for any organisations according to their needs. It can be the way to type formal letters or emails to conversational and presentation skills. 

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