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Clover Leaders Club

Clover Leaders Club is a Clover in-house program founded by the Head Directress. In line with Clover Learning Centre’s educational goal for children’s holistic development, this club incorporates the elements of Leadership skills in the lessons through experiential learning, activities and inspiring stories.

Leaders Club’s Vision: To build a generation of leaders with positive mindsets and attitude to benefit the society as a whole.

Leaders Club’s Mission: Provide guidance to children through leadership principles to develop interpersonal skills.


Leadership ability will give the child competitive advantage at school and later at work to face the future global challenge.


Leaders Club’s Objectives:

  1. To increase children’s self-esteem and build their self-confidence.

  2. To develop children’s public speaking skill.

  3. To develop children’s effective communication skill in a team.

  4. To develop teamwork amongst the children and taking accountability.


Skillsets to be taught:

  • Communication

  • Team work

  • Problem solving

  • Independence seeking for solutions

  • Self-appreciation

  • Creativity


It challenges the children’s brain to think, analyze and solve problems through creative activities such as situational problem-solving and story-building.

Clover Leaders Club Study Trip​ to Taiwan

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