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The Head Directress's personal interest and knowledge in music have made her notice that the Montessori program only introduces music at the sensory level. She knows that music is much more than that and was very glad to have found Kindermusik, which is a research-based music program based on the Montessori philosophy. All Kindermusik educators have to go through a stringent selection process before obtaining their license, hence ensure the quality of teachers.


Kindermusik lessons are specially designed for children 0 to 7 years old. It helps your child:

  • Develop early literacy and language skills

  • Acquire reasoning and early math skills

  • Increase self-control

  • Cultivate a lifelong love of music



Clover Learning Centre has attained the honour of Kindermusik Maestro & Top Program status since the year 2014 for five times within a period of six years. This award has placed us at the top 5% internationally, standing out among 5000 other Kindermusik providers worldwide. It has recognized us for the three levels in childhood development: program growth, outstanding community service and teaching excellence.


This indicates our program is of high quality and adds value to many families with young children.


Thank you to all the families for helping with this honour.


It would not be possible without you!

(0 - 18 months old)

Yes, babies learn as soon as they are born. They learn through touch and emotions. You will learn how to bond with your babies and help them learn about the world and develop their language skills through lots of sensory activities. Lots of great testimonials from parents surprise our educators too!

Music & Me
(2 - 4 years old)
(4 - 6 years old)

ABC Music & Me is a research-based and award-winning language and early literacy program built around music. Kindermusik has used its 30 years of experience to create an “all-in-the-box” program for Preschoolers, Kindergarteners, and emerging readers. Our program develops essential listening and early literacy skills so your students have the skills they need to succeed in school.


ABC Music & Me is especially effective for children with developmental delays and at-risk learners.


Through songs and music, our program:

  • enhances students’ listening and speaking skills

  • helps students develop pre-reading and writing skills

  • involves parents in their child’s learning. 

Our Time
(18 months - 3 years old)

This is the time when your toddlers can't wait to explore the world via movement. They just can't stop moving around! Hence, this curriculum encourages your child to uncover an engaging musical world while building confidence, self control, and communication skills through songs and movement.

(Holiday Program)

In just five lessons, we’ll give you a summer’s worth of music, stories, and activities created to inspire a lifetime of learning. In a Kindermusik summer camp, you and your child will play, learn, sing, dance, create, and share in the fun of making music together. A trusted Kindermusik educator is your guide through each research-proven and giggle-approved activity.


Inspire your child’s love of learning in our delightfully engaging summer sessions. Best of all, every one of our summer camp activities—the music, stories, and crafts—is specially designed to nurture your child’s natural curiosity, eventually drawing her toward learning new words, new concepts, and new big ideas.

Young Child
(4.5 -7 years old)

Can't decide which musical instruments your child should learn before spending large sum of money in purchasing the instruments?


Young Child will solve your problem as it lets your child learn melodic percussion, string instruments and woodwind instruments. In addition, your child will also develop a confident voice for singing and spearking to help in his/her future learning in all areas. All these will help your child to decide on his interest before going into professional musical instrument play.


So, parents you can stop worrying spending big bucks on buying an instrument (e.g., piano) which later you may regret.


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