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We provide Montessori Centre International (London) curriculum to our pre-schoolers (2.5 to 6 years old), and we are proud to be a Teaching Practice centre for Montessori Centre International (MCI, U.K.) students in Malaysia.


Our Teaching Philosophy

We always teach from 

  • Simple to Difficult

  • Concrete to Abstract

It is only with this philosophy, a child can build up confidence and interest in learning.


What We TEACH?


Practical Life  - activities help children gain independence, eye-hand coordination and concentration. They can improve their skills of pouring, transferring, sorting, threading, polishing, learning to care for themselves and their environment. We show them these activities in a very simple but comprehensive way that help them build confidence to tackle more complex tasks later.

Sensorial - Children learn through their senses. They learn to distinguish things they hear, see, taste, smell and touch. Sensorial materials introduce them to texture, temperature, colour, sound, shape, smell & taste.

Mathematics - Children understand mathematics concepts through hands-on experience rather than rote memorizing. As a result, children respond positively in learning and self-correcting from addition up to division by the age of six.

Cultural - We use a holistic approach in the cultural subjects which includes biology, geography, history and science. The aims are to help the children develop their personality, adapt their own culture, and to become an independent, useful member of his society. 

Literacy - Children learn to recognise and blend phonic sounds in order to read. This also serves as a spelling strategy for them to ease through the English language in the future. The children also attend Mandarin lessons (2.5 to 6 years old) and Bahasa Malaysia lessons (5 to 6 years old).

Science, History, Geography, Zoology, Botany & Art Appreciation.

We use concrete-to-abstract method to teach all subjects, bringing the knowledge of the world to the classroom in a simple form so that young children can understand and appreciate the complex world in a simple way.

AOS Planting - This method of planting provides us with pesticides-free vegetables. Children make salad and sandwiches using the harvest from our AOS planting machine.

P.E. (Physical Education) - We observe and guide the children to develop their gross motor skills through P.E. lessons. 

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