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Speech & Drama (Trinity College of London)

Kids at Clover Learning Centre can now have a taste of the Performing Arts through Speech and Drama classes conducted here by StageCraft.

StageCraft is the largest and most successful Speech and Drama

centre in Johor, running various public speaking and drama programmes at its 2 premises the whole year through.

The speech and drama classes at Clover Learning Centre seek to introduce children to performance skills such as verbal and dramatic expression, movement, singing and storytelling among others.

It is a well-established fact that speech and drama classes help children to express and articulate themselves better, as well as increase their public speaking confidence. They also demonstrate more creative problem-solving skills and are in general, more well-adjusted holistically. These as we well know, are essential life-skills.

The drama students at Clover Learning Centre will also have the opportunity to participate in the Young Performers Certificate (YPC) programme - an internationally recognized programme by Trinity College London - designed to develop confidence, group interactions skills and a sense of achievement in children up to the age of six (6).

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