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Speech, Drama & Brain Development

We bring in the English Speech, Drama & Brain Development program from Singapore. It is conducted by Treasure Chest Education Consultants, a premier children education service provider in Singapore. This is a successful multiple-intelligent enrichment program, in line with Clover’s educational goal for children’s holistic development. Speech & Drama is the most popular enrichment program in Singapore pre-schools.


This interesting children education program incorporates the latest teaching strategy, *STELLAR, used in Singapore primary schools to teach English the creative and fun way. Children learn through active interaction, exploration, experience and problem solving rather than through textbook.

*STELLAR is the acronym for "Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading".




How is this program DIFFERENT from the traditional speech & drama?

This program is designed to help children acquire not only confidence and effective communication skills but also Critical Thinking Skills.


It challenges the children’s brain to think, analyze and solve problems through creative activities such as map navigation, situational problem solving and story building.


Development of language skills is through LISTENING, SPEAKING and EXPERIENCING.


Children perform best with CHALLENGES to their brains and STIMULATION to their unlimited imagination.

What are the BENEFITS?

Research has shown that the pre-school and the primary learning years form the optimum time for building the important skills to communicate effectively and confidently. Communication ability will give the student competitive advantage at school and later at work to face the future global challenge.


Every child is strongly encouraged to participate in this program.


Let the children learn the fun way through brain stimulating activities.

Duration per lesson per week: 60 minutes


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