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Kindermusik for the Young Child – age 5 to 7

Kindermusik Young Child is a weekly, 60 minutes class designed for children age 5 through 8 years that provides a pressure-free, developmentally appropriate transition to musically succeed before taking on more formal instruction. Students explore many facets of the musical experience -- singing, moving, dancing, listening, creating and playing instruments, and composing music. Your child will learn to sing, play glockenspiel, dulcimer and recorder to develop the foundation for learning to sing, play keyboard instrument, string instrument and woodwind instrument


Kindermusik Young Child program helps to increase your child's Abstract Reasoning Abilities (Part of IQ) according to a study by three researchers at Sam Houston State University. Abstract Reasoning is the ability to analyze information and solve problems on a thought based level. It requires the ability to apply what you know in problem solving. It requires various skills and Individuals possess different strengths and weaknesses in those skills. When there is a significant weakness it is identified as a learning disability and various therapies are used to improve the weak areas.

Semester One

Everything your child learns later in semesters 2, 3 and 4 begins with this early introduction to singing, reading, and writing music and rhythm. Through dances and games that focus on rhythmic development, we'll learn a keyboard instrument - the glockenspiel - which will be used throughout all the Young Child classes. Your Home Materials provide the music, instruments, stickers, and activities for a home version of the same playful activities you'll hear about from class, so your child - and you! - can learn where you're most comfortable at home.


Home Materials (Semester 1) (U.S.A. imported):

  1. Children's Folder with stickers, games bag, and Music At Home Cards

  2. Family Songbook

  3. Home CD of music from class

  4. Glockenspiel

  5. Canvas bag (during sem. 1)

Semester Two

Semester Two Playing simple musical patterns and songs on the featured instrument from Semester 1 - the glockenspiel - is a central focus this semester. While learning to sing a melody, and then play the pattern on the glockenspiel, we'll delve deeper into understanding of musical concepts such as piano and forte through orchestra-style music such as the William Tell Overture and Peter and the Wolf. Music appreciation and understanding continues with a complte introduction to the instruments - and the families in which they're grouped - of the orchestra.


Home Materials (Semester 2) (U.S.A. imported):

  1. Children's Folder with stickers, games bag, and Music At Home Cards

  2. Family Songbook

  3. Home CD of music from class

Semester Three

Appalachian music is a featured musical style this semester. First, you and your child will build a two-stringed dulcimer instrument with materials that we'll provide. Then in class we'll learn to play chords and simple melodies on the instruemnt you built together. We'll also explore rhythm concepts through dance with an introduction to the basic steps in jazz, ballet, and tap dances. Your Home Materials include dulcimer-making materials, activity cards, and music that features recording from Appalachia, African-America, and Native American music, as well as the Western Art musi of the Nutcracker Suite.


Home Materials (Semester 3) (U.S.A. imported):

  1. Children's Folder with sticker, games bag, and Music At Home Cards

  2. Family Songbook

  3. Home CD of music from class

  4. Dulcimer

Semester Four

Semester Four In this final semester, we'll introduce the recorder instrument. As your child is introduced to basic methods of playing simple melodic patterns and songs on this wind instrument, we'll also incorporate the instruments, concepts, and songs from previous semesters. With a special emphasis on multicultural music, your child will learn to improvise and write music, as well as experience the musical styles of the Pacific Islands, Europe and Africa; plus play special dances and children's games from around the world, including Alphine dances, Mexico, and Educator.


Home Materials (Semester 4) (U.S.A. imported):

  1. Children's Folder with stickers, games bag and Music At Home Cards

  2. Family Songbook

  3. Home CD of music from class

  4. Soprano recorder

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